Mercedes Concept Concept managed to stay

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 SL-Pure-Concept-Side -Frint

Mercedes-Benz concept looks great, and maybe one day that may constitute a completely autonomous car or basically inspired by a Bond movie for the “bad guys” car. Matthias Böttcher for his final year thesis project in Stuttgart created by automotive and industrial design student, and we have to say it nailed as you go concept so his.

SL purin-Concept-rear

Interestingly SL pure concept with no windows, front or side, there are exceptions to be a transparent roof to reduce the feeling of being trapped in a vehicle and a passenger relay friendly driving experience.

SL-Pure-Concept-rear side-copy

Böttcher concept of autonomous Señor and and a future for the future in a car corners designed to rely on cameras to navigate . We like the concept we design good-looking prison van Germans trust, can not help but think so…

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