Mazda RX-Vision Concept Yen but actually lacked vision

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Mazda RX-7-Vision-Concept-rear

Tokyo Motor Show in full swing (an event we were invited but because collided another important event) was forced to deny he was invited new car releases, you can be sure there will be unprecedented technology and brilliant new concepts.

and we Mazda probably Tokyo Motorshow stole (we had to reject were invited to an event but an important event invited) count their stunning RX-Vision Concept.

Mazda RX-7-Vision Concept-Front

Here ‘Vision’ the word is the most important part of this is clearly good news story. We promotion concepts, automotive PR people a ‘publicity stunt’ I know we say it is designed to create.

publicity stunt car “hey, look at me that I Mazda I am and this is what we do”, we’re a showstopper.


Vision-RX concept certainly whatever Tokyo Motorshow stole Mazda’s intention <confident, as we always say> (had an event to reject we were invited invitation but an important event) . but never will be made.

will be the concept of the elements used, maybe headlight design, even Hofmiest rear glass kink inspired. Mazda RX-vision classic front-engine, rear-wheel drive and is a concept that can only come in the future Mazda “vision” that “.

Mazda RX-7-Vision Concept-View

the new generation RX-Vision SKYACTIV-R is powered by the rotary engine. Mazda presented last rotory running sports car late RX-7 in 2002, had put an end to the production.

Vision-RX concept is really to highlight the Mazda’s low emissions SKYACTIV-R technology designed hope Mazda provides does not to be made because it will never vision Rx vision lacks so so … Or?

VW style make-designed its a show stopper “ defeat devices “do the company’s low-emission technology chips. when will you learn that car companies ever? ha! give hope ?? people, and give them what they wan

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