Mazda RX-Vision Concept Tokyo, Rotary Engine

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the 2012 Mazda RX-8 cars in the world to mark the year made last spring>. I think that many die with him, but Mazda rotary engine at Le Mans 24 Hours in 1992 brought some pretty good news more and more companies, including a victory in 1960 was not an engine about to retire.rising emission restrictions on its poor fuel economy, emissions performance and was forced to stop the car engine is known for poor reliability. But at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda, was surprised by introducing a new concept model of the Mazda RX-Vision Concept dunned set to move a rotary engine was developed. car if not better efficiency, says the new engine will be at par
with the traditional engines.Mazda RX-Vision-NC-5 Mazda RX-Vision concept ExternalMazda RX-Vision concept spans inches long, 172.8, 75.8 inches wide and stands has a height of 45.7 inches. These ratios Jaguar F-Type coupe and the Mercedes-AMG GT is almost similar. RX-Vision will have a 106.3-inch wheelbase. These dimensions are long, low hood, short rear deck, sculptural fenders and complimented by long flowing roofline, resulting in lean and low profile.RX-10 Vision focuses on a set of 20-inch wheels, he said. 11-inch wide rear wheels while the front wheels are 9.5 inches wide gauge. 285/35 tires on the rear with the front wheels wrapped in 245/40 rubber wrapped. The idea behind the outer profile line to equip the car with a weighted character does not rely on signature profile. Mazda RX-Vision-NC-4 Mazda RX-Vision concept interiorThere RX -Vision our concept is simple and uncluttered interior cabin. The interior styling is based on a 2 + 2 concept. The interior will be just as useful gadgets. the screen will be no excess. with silver metal accents basic black and red interior trim and carbon-fiber accents are a dose. There is a metal gear seems to rise from the center console. Door pulls feature leather straps.However, it is only a concept, we also offer a rear-view camera, Bluetooth and Smartphone connection, I believe that inside some other additions such as sound system in a variety of driving aids, among other features. Mazda RX-Vision-NCR-6 motorunder the hood, Mazda RX-take a twist Vision Concept” SkyActiv-R “has been nicknamed the engine. disclose any information about the characteristics of automobile engines, but the engine will not provide all the benefits without telling its previous limitations. Mazda RX-Vision-NC-3 rotary piston engines up to go the traditional combustion engine in use triangular rotors spin in contrast to the oval housing and down. each revolution of the rotary engine similar to a conventional 4-stroke internal combustion engine. This engine is smoother acceleration, less noise, less vibration and more compact and lightweight. with a rotary engine without the need to use such a tool is very sound as deafening material has a low center of gravity; It also has a better performance-to-weight ratio. Its disadvantage is less reliable than fuel, SIP can and will wear out more quickly.The engine will have a 8,000-rpm redline and rear-wheel drive will be offered. So, we have to know much about the engine. Once we have a more details will notify you. Mazda-RX-Vision Concept-NCI-1 Release dateMazda RX-Vision confirmed that it was hoping to get a concept of the future generation. Cars also insists intermittent roundabouts serial production on hold.However, Mazda its 50 th RX-Vision To celebrate the anniversary, I believe it could be the start of a production model of the car in 2017, its first rotary-powered or we them for a long time waiting for us I hope you will not hold the company in 2020, then 100 th to mark the anniversary.
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