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For lovers of urban crossovers, there is a life outside of the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 reminds Mazda with a CX-3 loudmouth.

if there is a segment that well on the rise, it is the small crossovers. With their high silhouette on the city below, these vehicles have established a dominant position in the market (56% in Europe in 2014) thanks to an attractive compromise between speed, size and practicality. Witness the success of the two local champions, Renault Captur (third best selling in France in the first half 2015, with 4% market share) and the Peugeot 2008 (fifth with 3.5%). An Eldorado that Mazda would like to take the opportunity to make known in France, where first Japanese importer there are twenty-five years, it has again become an insider brand.

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the CX-3 is precisely the Mazda2 that the Captur is the Clio or 2008 at the 208: a raised variant offering additional like style volume. On the first point, Mazda does not do things by half, pushing here Kodo design (born with the CX-5 three years ago) to a climax. It is customary in this type of mechanical roll but with its reptilian eyes, its long bonnet, muscular flanks, minimalist glass surfaces and floating pavilion, the CX-3 throws particular. The contained height (only 1.53 m), the matt black wheel Spreads and dual exhaust complete to boost its speed.

As the Mazda3, this physique nevertheless pay to inside, particularly as the high-pitched waistline does not promote the feeling of space in the back and the transmission tunnel further reduces the interest of the center rear seat. Livability, proper in absolute disappointment given the 4.27 m long CX-3, which rank him among the big guys in the segment. The trunk does not spell more of the batch: 350 liters as a Fiat 500X (4.25 m) but also a Peugeot 2008 4.16 m long. Again, the crafty Captur (4.12 m) puts everyone agrees with the 377 or 455 in standard configuration when its sliding rear seat is extended to the fullest. The crossover Mazda catches up with 1260 liters all seats folded, the best score of the class

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failing to impress with its luggage capacity, the CX-3 worked the atmosphere on board again in a pleasantly sporty register. We find the uncluttered dashboard Mazda2 (also very close to that of the new MX-5), the instrument cluster dug and multimedia screen overlooking the center console. Perceived quality is very compelling, the way leather trim and foamed plastics dispersed where needed under the fingers. Nothing to do with the color of a hardware Renault Captur, inside the CX-3 does not lack charm and even surpasses the presentation of the efforts of a 2008 Peugeot or Fiat 500X.

As Mazda us used to it, the dynamism of the line ends up driving. If the comfort / behavior is not as subtle as that proposed by 2008, the CX-3 proves engaging to drive without being overly firm side suspension so far. Only bad low speed coatings undermine this homogeneity. Note that we only tried the CX-3 that simple traction but one of the few cars in its segment available with AWD (associated office of the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 150 hp, available with the 1.5 SKYACTIV-D 105 PS, only in high finish selection in both cases).

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force of 105 hp 1.5 SKYACTIV-D Diesel single catalog, is perfectly usable. Flexible and voluntary (0 to 100 km / h in 10.1 s), but noisy, this block was associated on our test model with a manual six-speed gearbox to the impeccable order. It is also available with an automatic six-speed converter (EUR 1 800, unless the SKYACTIV-D 4 × 2 and the entry-level finishing Elegance). It is the latter that fitted the other past version in our hands, the SKYACTIV-G 120 hp 4 × 2. Gentle but long for relaxation, it makes up for approval with a manual lever mode (no paddle shifters) implemented in the right direction (pull to change gear, push to downshift) and rather bright, sufficiently rare to be reported.

This large aspirated 2.0 petrol belongs to a species endangered, Mazda intends to safeguard through its strategy of “ rightsizing “. At comparable power, the Captur 2008 and expect for example on a 1.2 turbo. With its engine, the Mazda block shows at ease from low-regimes. He does not mind taking turns and shows much more discreet than Diesel, at least when the auto box does not grow into a corner. Slightly muzzled by it (0 to 100 km / h in 9.9 s, 9.1 s against the manual gearbox), the SKYACTIV-G 120 hp on its promises to the pump with less than 8 l / 100 km obtained on-board computer on a hilly course (5.8 liters advertised with our box car, against 5.9 on the manual transmission). Diesel also confirms a substantial sobriety records with about 5.5 liters, 4 liters in combined cycle in the data sheet. Both engines also benefit from the softness and responsiveness of the start-stop home.

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CX-3 bills its quality at high prices. Rather, he takes the risk, typical Mazda, to dispense with genuine versions of Appeal, whether in engines or finish. This results in higher prices should look into perspective by an extremely generous equipment: 20 650 euros, the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 120 hp manual finishing Elegance and already offers automatic climate control, keyless start, the emergency automatic braking and even GPS.

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