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then Maserati Levante. Maserati good time for a good few years of rising sales peaked, there is a mu and sales have problems slowly now revealed Maserati finally SUV plans and these words literally descending here it looks Levante. temporarily enough to force search Maserati production.

seems to be a new solution needed and Maserati, and hopefully without the SUV SUV boom is followed by market trends entry.

Maserati -Levant SUV-to-back

Maserati SUV the company’s long and often not in the DNA often mixed fortunes, the luxury sports car producer. You can, but time changes and business goals are always the primary driving force.

Levante next month’s Geneva Motor Show official premiere, the production will be starting already started and sold later this year.

the AWD technology is expected to feature but Maserati levante also combine addressing the on-road properties have off-road capabilities he alluded to. something like an Italian Range Rover Sport.


the engine range is expected to be obtained from Ghibli sedan

so expect a 3.0litr V6 turbo diesel and 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine versions to see.

In making natural performance version, but no official details have been released to the market. Maserati has revealed how much it will cost Levante.

How do you know is that all models of electronic air suspension control as standard AWD and suspension and 8-speed automatic transmission dampin

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