Land Rover officially introduce the new Evoque Convertible

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this is the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. an open top Land Rover idea of ​​a new base is not an open compact SUV Land Rover’s idea of ​​his company’s off-road DNA. But serving for the masses a Convertible luxury compact SUV Land Rover higher, although not open driving idea is new.

And saying Evoque as not being shy about the Land Rover marketing “the world’s first luxury compact SUV” and “bold design, no compromise”. However Evoque Convertible idea was realized back in the early 2011.

Land Rover is doing Evoque Convertible reason, research, global compact SUV market next shows are expected to grow by 20 percent in five years. There


every time they want a convertible version of the Evoque, but what is still supplying the market risk. people will want to buy one? USA, Middle East and perhaps in key markets such as China, yes.

The roof of any vehicle, meaning you loose structural rigidity plastic Land Rover Evoque has strengthened against most ground lost as any loss.

The fabric roof is said to be lighter and speeds of up to 30mph gathered in about 18 seconds. Even the remote handy 250 liter bootspace still there.


Evoque Convertible integrated in-house and deploy such an event should occur it will be used at all 90 millisecond year has an aluminum roll-over protection device.

Evoque Convertible new / next-generation 10.1-inch entertainment touch starts. If you can provide a direct route to the hairdresser on Brompton Road in words.

all foreign glitz despite Evoque will take place Land Rover famous off-road in the morning plow so that technology in Knightsbridge street during school work.


The four-wheel drive powertrains Rover choice Lander nine-speed automatic transmission, Terrain Response system, Wade combined with sensing and Allen Terrance’s Progress Control Evoque should ensure that nail salon converted to all-important trips. lightweight, all-aluminum four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines

The full team will be ready Land Rover. Ingenium is expected to be the most popular 2.0-liter diesel engine 2 149g / km, such as low emissions.

YOU would think it would be cheaper to make than any car roof frames, ultimately there is less steel and fabric is not necessarily cheap. Well it does not work quite like that.

The Evoque Convertible sales in 2016. When he spring for a TD4 HSE is based on a dynamic entry-level model will cost you £ 46k.

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