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opened for Lamborghini Egoista concept car Lamborghini 50. anniversary. is based on a model of the Gallardo fully functioning. “egoista” in Italian means “selfish.” according to its designer Walter de Silva, the egoistic “represents the extreme hedonism received.


Lamborghini egoista if observed from the outside, an image of a bull ready to attack was inspired.

As for lighting, sidemarkers and it is reminiscent of a modern aircraft and the car’s sides, top, front and rear indicators. and raise body for optimal aerodynamic downforce and stability with lower active panels are designed with incredible aerodynamic effects in mind. Both the body and the wheels are made of antiradar material.


Egoista, rather sinister-looking LED headlights are both stylish and functional, and well-formed air intakes, has introduced a carbon-fiber trunk lid. Judging by hand, though still extremely received Egoista has a look like a Lamborghini.

At the rear, LED taillights and LED headlamps are almost looking like evil. The two outer taillights ability to upgrade to keep the rear end planted above ground and two air flaps is lower. Near the rear wheels, the interior has a large air intake with an orange accent

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Lamborghini Egoista Interior

Egoista very modern as similar to a non-combat aircraft, and has a removable canopy door comes with a unique single-seat cockpit. to enter the vehicle and exit, the steering wheel needs to be removed.

one race seat. each belt to be in a different color a four point equipped with a harness to keep all the information in the right drivers view Egoista has a heads-up display. all cabin dominated by a small gray and orange with black sporadic incidents by. steering seems quite minimalist with only one grip for each hand. dashboard small and flat.

 lamborghini_egoista_nc-4 - Copy

engine properties and performance

the 5.2-liter V-10 engine shared with the Gallardo. this engine . I would not give more information about the drivetrain Lamborghini by 20-30 terrible Gallardo more impressive 600 horsepower, is revealed. Nevertheless, it should be safe to assume that the engine 0-60 mph acceleration 3 seconds and reaches 202 mph according to unofficial features . manual transmission coupled with an automatic dual-clutch.

the price and release date

Lamborghini Egoista, is never open to the way the production of these vehicles. <hiç one it seems excessive and features. owner will be due to possible pure hedonism, is a product / p>

car Sant’Agata Bolognese who exhibited Lamborghini in the museum.

lamborghini_egoista_nc-9 - Copy

Lamborghini museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese painting

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