Kia Optima Hybrid PHEV report: Why do we like it here

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2016 Kia hybrid PHEV Kia as significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and set a goal for us to provide a more effective means just more brands. Here: a fair price and sweet t of mixed PHEV new features of. Well, let’s see if I can reach the target Kia, or just to show off.

flat numbers and statistics.

diving make

means that all-electric mode, 7% is paid to earnings in a range of 2016 to 2017 and the company’s car 33 miles user tax reached just 37 g / km carbon dioxide figure. In terms of transmission through PHEV electric motor 154hp (114 kW) and an additional 67hp (50kW’s) 2.0-liter gasoline direct-injection power plant with total output. The two systems work together and produce torque 375nm. Powerful, is not it?

What about the standard equipment and features? 2016 Kia hybrid PHEV

ship PHEV is a stand-alone mode, all of the Optima range. And any other Optima vehicles and other independent high-tech machines, it has a lot to show to customers. In fact, they are mapped with tons of processed thread, 8.0 inches touch screen navigation, Android automobiles, Apple carplay system, TomTom company, Clari-Fi wireless phone charger, and by smoothing technology Kia connection service 10-speaker premium sound system

see also: Kia Rio sketches: bold, muscular and confident. We hope that, as the real one.

in safety features, honey controlling the auxiliary connection, electronic stability control, vehicle stability management systems, and to start the ramp.

Appearance and view

2016 Kia hybrid PHEV

PHEV proudly 215/55 R17 tires , LED daytime running lights, 17-inch alloy wrapped in a special program, “the follow-up of internal lightning” and the impressive sight of hell. We see muscle cars confident, dynamic stance. His expressive eyes and sports a bold and hit with the bad guys and the simple grid design. The disappointing backside shows a simple and effective curve. Yes, you read correctly. This is not the front and side with much simpler, to adjust its great design different. But, nevertheless, it expresses the strength and confidence, but a very simple kind. However, it is also important to the smooth conduct of business.

Intelligent System

Ship offer me tons of PHEV technology impressive, yes. These regenerative braking, driving style guides, mitigation Guide Control ECO-DAS (economical driving assist system), drive mode selection button and HEV (hybrid electric vehicle), including the selection key. In other words, no matter what the conditions are safe, it will be a super-efficient vehicle to drive your own will. Cool.

So, what is there to do? We like to think that the Kia team become more serious and more faithful to give us some idea of ​​high-quality products. Enjoy

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