Kahn tweaked the design of Mercedes vehicles: Beautiful, elegant and distinctive. Listen!

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 Kahn design 2016 Mercedes-Benz ML So what are /? Kahn design team decided to take a close look at the most popular tool for setting a happy brand than a Mercedes-Benz ML. Increase confidence in what we see as the final product, the M-Class is a pretty spectacular rise with the level of detail and luxury. So, that let us check in,

the highest level of exterior design

 Kahn design 2016 Mercedes-Benz ML

the vehicle remains the original appearance of the optical domain, but also aligned with some nice additions, engineers and stylists: designed aggressive front and rear wide fenders, front bumper assembly, integrated daytime redesigned new employees and bootlid spoiler, and all this black alloys crispy topped with a 22-inch diamond cut. Clean, right

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The person to hold a design team such as this, successful What somehow light and in a roundabout way the true nature of the original Mercedes-Benz ML-style beauty, but to increase its muscularity and confidence. as the essence of the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy and to add some muscle gets. And more confidence. And more beautiful. = “Align no full wp-image-size 116 981”


in fact, this is not about promoting development means the level of performance and agility. this style and character. As you can see all the Kahn Design Wizard

We’ve done some pretty good work, but you tell me what you think

Kahn Design

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