Kahn Defender Design Edition has ended

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by Chris Ward 2 nd February 2016, 2 nd February 2016


this Kahn Design is not the end but the Land Rover Defender is the end. And Land Rover used how can you know well that PR weapon to get across the message most features iconic model. introduction of fire Defender about 12 months ago was cut earlier this year it took. And this event was celebrated with a farewell presentation yet more sickening.


But the mind and Land Rover PR attack on the senses you are sick, DCB Towers here we are then let me introduce you Defender us a last hurray. They “End” edition and “they” are Kahn Design is calling it.

We look with this fine widebody, this version I think its very best Defender shows off classic industrial design cues indeed a better standard off the shelf factory spec version.


this Kahn design just an exterior upgrade, but also did not get to get a few extra trimmings for the interior.

Mr Afzal Kahn, he adds, such as make-up is not oversee themselves.


Grey Harris tweed upholstery clipboard Harris Tweed is made on elements encountered. 2.2-liter TDCi engine “End” Opening.

Afzal Kahn sharp Defender enthusiast and “I date, and we have designed a car that celebrates the unique personality said her bespoke creation Defender. My designs are known for their attention to detail, I did so this Defender are different. This is the world most well loved car a tribute and suitable for one I Defender owners and Chelsea are welcome to visit my Kings Road boutique, we expect both enthusiasts feedback. “

What I did not mention if you need to know the cost stood at $ 80,535 USD. Oh, and right-hand drive

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