Jetta, Passat, Tiguan and CC by recall problem in airbag

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Volkswagen Brazil calls a total of 54,179 cars for the 2nd phase of a recall started in September 2015. The models involved are Jetta, Jetta Variant, Tiguan, Passat, Passat, CC and EOS.

recall occurs because there is a possibility of breaking the cable from the front airbag spiral contact of the driver, due to the possible entry of impurities, such as long hair or fabrics .

This cable keeps the active airbag while the steering wheel is being fertilized and, in the case of disruption of this component, there will be loss of electrical connection and the warning light airbag lights on the dashboard.

In this situation the airbag will not be triggered in a collision with a potential risk of serious injury or death to the driver.

The first recall step, the owners were to a dealership for inspection and repair only if the airbag light is on. Now the ultimate solution will be applied, which is the installation of an additional component across the contact spiralinvolved models -. Years models – chassis

Year Model Chassis envoldidos
of to From Up
Jetta 2011 2014 BM001650 EM026522
Jetta Variant 2012 2013 CM624628 EM026522
Tiguan 2010 2014 AW091977 EW589204
AE063903 AE182319
AP026362 EP008228
Passat Variant 2010 2014 AE049185 EE023394
Passat CC 2010 2012 AE506514 CE545760
CC 2013 DE519774 DE552819
EOS 2010 2011 AV013181 BV002845
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