James Bond Aston Martin DB10 estimated £ 1m to Catch

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Only 10 James Bond film made for Spectra and you want to own one, then one of the models is going to auction because this Aston has a chance to do so Martin DB10. auction will be open to the public in London and Christie “Rolls-Royce” will be handled by the auction house.

There is a slight catch, yes any John Doe can enter the auction, but must be a millionaire in order to qualify, at least.

the carbon-fiber is used for your presentation and Mr. James had a chance to bid for signed by Bond DB10 body himself, Daniel Craig ,.


Aston Martin has never published the DB10 performance figures, but there is a 4.7-liter V8 and possibly reach a 190mph top speed.

Curiously rejection DB10 “homologated or certified any ring is approved for use on public roads and not the production process is not used for production cars.” says


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