Is this the new Apple Car Interior?

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No it is not, this concept even unofficial coatings are the creation of the Argentine Industrial Designers Matias Papale. Papale it will look like the inside of ppl Car has created a series serves to showcase what you think.

The design followed a series of Apple products are characterized by simple design rules. Interior concepts look tidy and central dash board is dominated by a large touch screen surface.



Studies have shown American car owners every single thing the item no, not for hunting an AK47 or the second Amendment a copy, but a cup holder covet.

in addition, it probably seems to have very little storage space for travel light of their respective owners in the future Apple tools and very little food.


it shows a level of thinking accept the lack of physical buttons is the full run-touch environment replace gradually the analog age.

1mm thick as LG’s flexible OLED display, with advances in technology, such as flat-screen will be able to create a high-definition touch screen panels wrap around it.

Apple Car “Titan”, code-named research and development is located in a dense phase, according to various sources. In 2014 he rented a Ford engineer to check the Apple project. Apple, the late Steve Jobs, founder of an electric car to build plans to compete with Tesla

The report production

underpowered sure it will be elegantly designed and can be overpriced any as an Apple product

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