Hyundai HB20 has central multimída compatible with iPhone

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Hyundai of Brazil announces that the media center of HB20, available as an option in the line since October 2015 for users of Samsung and LG brands now be compatible also with Apple smartphones through the CarPlay® application. The new vehicles begin to leave the factory with the feature installed this month, and for those who have already purchased HB20 models equipped with blueMedia® media center, the update will be made free in the brand dealerships from 15 March. This central HB20 does not have navigation system .

Apple Car Play, which is available for iPhone 5 and up, is a safe way to use your phone in the car, integrating it with the entertainment system HB20 and its controls. You make calls, access the music library, and send and receive messages without being distracted. The connection is via USB original iPhone Lightning cable.

Once connected, you can view the screen of the multimedia blueMedia® central characteristic icons of the iPhone. The content of CarPlay® is pre-set by Apple and, at the time, the functions available in Brazil are telephone, messages, music and digital radios, such as Spotify, Tune In, Stitcher, Deezer, Rdio and Podcasts. The system incorporates the Siri voice command feature.

With touch screen of 7 inches, blueMedia® media center of the HB20 has steering wheel controls, Bluetooth connection for telephony, audio streaming, access agenda mobile phone, iPod compatibility, MP3 player, playback photos and videos, and FM radio band from 76.1 MHz. compatibility with Samsung and LG smartphones, mirroring the entire contents of the devices is made possible through the application Link® Car and Wi-Fi connection without the need for cables Competitor:. Volkswagen Gol 2017

the updated media center Hyundai comes at the time that Volkswagen presents the Gol 2017 (see details here) with new media center with App-Connect in four options: “Media”, “Media Plus”, “Composition Touch” and “Discover Media”

. Hyundai HB20 2016 x 2017 VW Gol: multimedia center

The features of the new multimedia systems Gol 2017 appear in details in the video below , the TecMundo.

Standard on Comfortline version of Gol 2017, the new system” Media Plus “already has the main functions of connectivity, such as Bluetooth with audio streaming function, USB / AUX-iN input and SD-card type memory cards and CD player, and It can be combined to resources “Park Distance Control” (displaying on your screen vehicle silhouette in parking maneuvers), multifunctional steering wheel, with design similar to the new Golf and Passat.

 Hyundai HB20 2016 x VW Gol 2017: multimedia center
VW Gol 2017 – media center Media

But the “ Composition Touch ” is now offered to the New Gol and Voyage in New Comfortline and Highline versions. Just as the “Discover Media” provides playback and cell phone screen operation (smartphone) directly on the color screen and high-resolution infotainment system, like a mirror, and without compromising safety in vehicle driving.

Hyundai HB20 2016 x VW Gol 2017: central multimedia
VW Gol and Voyage 2017 – Media Center composition touch

The “ composition touch ” offers, among other items, color screen 5 “high resolution touch screen with functions advanced connectivity, such as message reader (SMS). It is compatible with MirrorLink system for smartphones with Android certified platform, offering interactivity and security entertainment.

Hyundai HB20 2016 x 2017 VW Gol: multimedia center
VW Gol 2017 – media center Composition Media

the “ Discover Media ” is the most advanced infotainment system for all and has integrated navigation, high-resolution color display with 6 33 “touch (with proximity sensor), and advanced connectivity with smartphones by Volkswagen App-Connect technology, as shown in the video below.

This center also has a CD player, two inputs for SD-Card, Aux-in and USB port. These two are positioned in front of the exchange, the bottom of the center console. The inputs for SD-Card are on the sides of the front area of ​​infotainment systems.

Hyundai HB20 2016 x 2017 VW Gol: multimedia center
VW Gol 2017: Central Media Composition Media

You can pair via Bluetooth two phones simultaneously and operate telephone and audio (streaming). The central infotainment “Discover Media” allows text messages voiceover (SMS) from mobile phone through the speakers. What’s more, you can reply by voice command message, sent in SMS format.

Hyundai HB20 2016 x 2017 VW Gol: multimedia center
VW Gol 2017 – Central Media Composition Media

the infotainment system “ Discover Media ” brings additional navigation feature (not available in the HB20 system ) that stands out for its ease of use and interactivity with the instrument panel, enabling a safer and more comfortable driving. This system also includes the “MapCare” which allows free periodic updating of base maps for the entire life of the vehicle. Photos, videos and music in various formats are examples of media that can be “read”.

Hyundai HB20 2016 x 2017 VW Gol: multimedia center
VW Gol 2017 – Central Media Composition Media

Virtually all commands can be executed without the need for the driver taking your hands off the wheel, operating the system through the multifunction steering wheel or voice commands keys . By the way, you can select the media (CD, SD-Card, Bluetooth, auxiliary and USB inputs), operate the telephone and the navigation system only using the voiceproximity sensor -. The “Discover Media” offers screen with proximity sensor: as soon as the driver or front passenger move the hand close to the screen, the system automatically displays commands and features on the screen, making the most of screen space

in the display mode the system. infotainment shows only the essential. In run mode, new elements appear, can activate functions by tapping on secondment to simplify intuitive use. The screens also have a function that allows listings to be rolled or the covers of CDs in the media library to be selected quickly.

 Hyundai HB20 2016 x 2017 VW Gol: multimedia center
VW Voyage 2017 – side

Volkswagen is now expanding the range of smartphone platforms, adding Apple systems (CarPlay ) and Google (Android Auto). Just as the MirrorLink, they are used to display and operate smartphone applications using the screens of information and entertainment systems. More than that: Volkswagen met the CarPlay systems, Android Auto and MirrorLink within the App Connect concept. Remember that in Volkswagen’s compact can only be “mirrored” certified applications for each of the systems and that some functions are available for certain models of cell phones. MirrorLink

This technology enables display content and operate mobile phone features through the infotainment system screen. . To avoid distracting the driver, applications developed especially can be used with the car in motion

The operation is intuitive: the user simply connects the smartphone to the car and starts to use the application through the system screen infotainment. The MirrorLink uses a standard developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). According to this pattern, phone applications are “mirrored” in the media center car screen and its operation is done through the infotainment system without compromising safety in vehicle driving.

Since application s smartphone are always updated, MirrorLink never becomes obsolete. Among the available applications are My Guide, Shared Audio, Glympse, Aupeo !, miRoamer, Parkopedia and Sygic. – Offline navigation app, that lets you download the maps locally and use without GSM signal even navigation

Google Android Auto

Android Auto was developed by Google for smartphones that use the Android platform. Just as in MirrorLink and CarPlay, selected applications of these phones are shown in the car’s infotainment system screen.

As in other systems, a USB connection serves interface. Applications that can be incorporated through the Android Auto include Google Maps, Google Play Music, WhatsApp and Spotify. Also planned:. SoundCloud, Text Me !, textPlus, Sticher Radio, Pandora® internet radio, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Pocket Casts, Joyride Podcast and Umano

Many Android Auto applications can be used by both through the media center of the vehicle as the voice control Google voice, which can be activated by a button on the multifunction steering wheel Novo Gol and Novo Voyage.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is mirroring technology developed by Apple and incorporates voice control Siri and also works with the car’s controls, such as buttons or touch screen. Like other systems, Apple CarPlay was developed to be used in traffic, allowing you to use some features of the phone while driving without the driver need to take your hands off the wheel or even divert eyes from the road.

with your phone connected to the USB port, the interface can be done through voice commands, with the help of the Siri technology. You can make phone calls, return calls and listen to voice messages through vehicle speakers. The system is also able to read, send and respond to text messages.

Hyundai HB20 2016 x 2017 VW Gol: multimedia center
VW Gol and Voyage 2017 – Indoor – panel

the Apple CarPlay lets you listen to the entire collection of stored music and podcasts on the phone, control messages, phone control and some other applications to be made available by Apple as for example Spotify, podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast and Umano.

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