Hybrid, Plug Price 2015 VW Passat GT

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the bottom wider than the GT’s predecessor 14mm and is 12mm. the new Passat also other car offers even more passenger space. the 2015 Passat is one of the most important features of GTA added Volkswagen Passat powerful twin-turbo TSI engine charges.


2015 VW Passat GT

2015 VW Passat GTE. 154 horsepower and torque of 215 pound maximum that can produce 1.4-liter twin turbo in the city equipped with TSI engine is also capable of 80 mpg on the highway, 141 mpg from 0 to sprint – .. just 8 60 miles more per hour than second

starting in October 2015 2015 Passat GTI VW GTI electric motor using the produce will be available as a hybrid 208 hp and using electrical power will cover up to 31 miles. Short-distance drives home without using any fuel and you can go to work. hybrid engine, only CO2 / km, 37 g spread.

2015 VW Passat GT

The engine of 160 kW and a maximum system output of 115 kW / 156 PS (about 5,000 rounds per minute) can produce / 218 PS. Power and performance and are environmentally friendly and efficient distributed manner. car packed with 50-liter tank can travel 1,000 kilometers. is fully discharged, the battery charge lasts up to 4 hours and 15 minutes. .With The battery fully charge and full tank cars, one of more than 700 miles without stopping fuel can cover.


2015 VW Passat GT

The 2015 VW Passat GT has a matrix menu that displays high-tech is equipped with equipment driver cockpit important information. Propulsion system and vehicle normal functionality. GPS navigation system is available and major roads all over the world, you can keep track of towns and cities.

car wide and rear wheels can be neatly folded to pave room for cargo. seat is easy to clean and feels comfortable on the skin made of high quality leather was. tool tightly during emergency braking but comfortable, especially keep all seats are equipped with seat belts. Holding the handle in a particularly round sharp corners are placed on the roof driving cars over while maneuvering.


the top of the car can be accepted with additional blue line by a specific chrome radiator unit. was also redesigned front bumper. this excess air is allowed to flow under the car’s hood has the air inlet. this car cooling aids and also allows you to get the cars top speed.

the car’s design in cutting through the air has been streamlined to make it easier car to achieve higher speeds. while the total length of the car has been increased shortened the passenger compartment by 2mm than its predecessor 33mm. car high powered vacuum steel housing use will be lightweight than 85 kg. 2015 VW Passat GTE

price. Sedan and station wagon body styles will be release produced and date

The 2015 VW Passat GT $ 25,000 from will be sold in 2015 are expected on the market in October.

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