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it does inspire Honda or rather Honda to create a new concept car that is an example of how to use this is how the global workforce. Project 2 & amp; amp; 4 companies motorcycle and designed by the Honda’s designers from the 80 of automobile design studios and developed

share Honda ideas and information cooperation, we want to challenge its designers

Project. 2 amp ;. 4 interesting results

 Honda-Project-2 amp; 4-Front

Project 2 & amp; amp; 4, seriously, what’s its called a more ‘intense’ sports cars and motorcycles combine elements to create a driving experience. Designed to ensure freedom of maneuver his motorcycle and a car.

The mid-mounted engine is derived from Honda’s MotoGP and Superbike is specially tuned for the public road.

99 cc four-stroke V-4 unit a peak power output of 215 PS at 13,000 rpm has done. 118 Nm maximum torque is delivered over 10,500 rpm. The transmission is provided with a six-speed DCT transmission.

 Honda-Project-2 amp; 4-Back

Project 2 & amp; amp; 4 only 406kg weight, low center of gravity Honda, say, mid-mounted engine will provide a car with extraordinary handling capabilities.

The design is inspired by Honda’s RA272, a V12-engined Formula One racing car was developed and used. 1965 season

Honda Project 2 & amp; It will be the first amp; 4 2015 Frankfurt motor show. But it will be done so far? No, Project 2 and purpose; 4 was just to encourage Honda’s interior design studios to communicate better. so have human resource departments

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