Here card design new Black crystal: this is definitely a must see!!!

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910the team’s most recent success card card design design black crystal offers 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS” width=”black crystal. This honey beauty and style about Mercedes-Benz GLS, and completely based on the concept of the browser. In addition,

black crystal card design 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS

I saw it already in the gallery I suppose. And I suspect you have been wondering: BLACK crystal: why? Well, slowly because two Swarovski crystals on the front bumper. Actually, despite the name, this project offers a tour of the concept of a contrasting color. Apparently, numerous black-and-white body components, we see red but at the same time, a slight pinch or rather a sporty feel and aggression of the red lines. Additional carbon fiber components and a result of latest style ideas both confident and elegant.

see also: please meet at the final masterpiece and the card design…;!

what supplements are there? Many carbon-fiber elements with new front and rear bumpers. It attracts my attention, but the back is amazing: very strong and aggressive. Created LED-sauber F1 exhaust pipes and fiber-fresh air diffuser, four special carbon-brake-background illumination. At the same time, the pre-known card Design logo, a new bumper, grille styling, and of course, remarkable and good


Black crystal card design 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS

to make a long story short, card design, once again managed to impress us!

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