GSC BMW I8 model offers quite a futuristic concept

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German special Customs BMW I8BMW I8 Plug-in 2013 the IAA despite its beautiful design, many people first opened and was disappointed. Why? All the design emerging for the first time four years ago, almost untouched, remained. And here is the tricky part: we were very disappointed, but it’s an incredible opportunity.

“This” is actually a restaurant German special customs tuning Wizard. It’s really amazing what you did to the car: looks Super futuristic, not only modern but also shows a variety of drive technologies.

exterior design

German special Customs BMW I8

breathtaking. This monster body shape it’s simple enough to define this word. Futuristic, aggressive, athletic, and seems to be a problem it is ready. With numerous carbon fiber components are coated in charcoal black finish, I8, too.

8 is filled with the wheel arches.0x22 and 9.Sporting springs and reduce the overall height of the vehicle and to carry a more threatening attitude, and, of course, better handling.

full, exterior design similar in concept and, at the same time, domestic coal-black 2016 p>



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Definitely the only vehicle in the direction of the appearance of a bold step forward to focus all their energy, you decide to take the GSC team is the best. And it’s an amazing thing, isn’t it?





German special Customs BMW I8


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