Gen5 Micra 2017: agile and fast. Like this!

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favorite /back, trust Gen5 migration in Europe with comfort and style, try honey and / or purpose alignnone WordPress. So, vehicle and Nissan is confident about the success of the team diving for the functions.

exterior design


clean lines, clean curves, and here and there some “plot twists” and an incredibly ugly front-end. After seeing this my first acquaintance. Wwwit style is bold and impressive language, but non just… this face. Eye-catching V-motion grille, angular lines, Boomerang-shaped headlights and a floating roof. Sexy. If

a total of 10 body colors for the new energy-orange. Of course, Nissan includes many customizable fits your style a total of 125 different acts to translate the Regulations. Sweet.

internal procedures


– Nissan team paid a lot of attention to interior comfort and convenience features. The design team lowered, more seat adjustments, the driving position and there are a couple of. Custom fully adjustable Pedal positioning, steering wheel and general feeling of comfort and relaxation in a big journey.

technologies and refreshments

not all Gen5 Micra into B, which is usually segment there are a number of technologies. This pedestrian detection, lane departure Prevention, Intelligent emergency braking function, Monitor, traffic sign recognition, high-beam assistant and blind spot warning systems, intelligent imaging includes.

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to know that is attractive to drivers and passengers fun features satellite navigation, mobile phone integration, and, of course, tons.

drive system


improvements to reduce cabin noise protection and much attention was paid to the optimization of aerodynamic performance and great sound. Exceptional aerodynamic efficiency was achieved thanks to the combined roof and side spoiler. As a result, there is a level of CD showed a new Micra hatchback . It seems incredible that so many people would be happy with the drive setup, practical technologies and systems, and includes we believe. However, you can still search the leading car.

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