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1950 Ford F1 truck is 1 of revised versions of the first generation Ford F-Series. This belongs to a chain of utility autos and pickup trucks manufactured by Ford, the first multinational automaker in the United States. The F-Series was introduced on the marketplace in 1948, and it was the style of the original postwar truck US automaker. In a break from earlier trucks Ford F-Series was more stood in his auto framework, but on a platform committed truck.The initial generation F-Series has been in production until 1952. It was held in sixteen different Ford plants. Serial numbers indicate the factory truck model, year, engine, the unit quantity and assembly. The F-Series was introduced in four trim levels in 1950, such as F1, F2, F3 and F4 which includes the 1950 F1 model was the most existing version with a six.five-foot bed.

 1950 Ford F1 before

 1950 Ford F1 exterior

custom pickup, he was released with stunning colors of the outer body including the model completed with Midnight Blue colour Metallic model sold was the maximum. This 1950 vehicle model came with the bolt Posi-Traction rear finish GM 12. It also came equipped with a Holley Dominator street aluminum intake and carburetor. The car transmission characteristics a soft package kit with the auxiliary transmission cooler, with Ponytailed stainless steel streaks.

It was ready with Hooker exhaust feet with a Magna exhaust configuration stainless steel flow. The high energy ignition module of the automobile provided a permanently charged spark. It was equipped with a comfort energy steering wheel which offers the car a smooth rotation by indicates of a large anti-roll bar to the front.

The whole chassis of F1 1950 Ford truck was custom built with housing rails completely boxed, return three positions silent blocks that had been fixed with QA1 adjustable coil more than shocks, decrease and upper handle arms, X-middle frame and rails, independent front suspension with lowering coils and stabilizer bar. The truck’s ride height delivers a totally ideal street rod position. . Whilst riding in these nocturnal events, underbody lighting program will turn on to demonstrate even additional

F1 1950 model came with the standard external features which include: the brakes
 GM power front disc with double in the master cylinder. 
dual chrome exterior mirrors. 
front and rear chrome bumpers. 
custom chrome grille and cover gas. 
chrome tailgate chains.
magnificent oak bed  black finish with elegant chrome stripes.
1950 F1 sprinted 15 rally on wheels “Corvette with Ford intermediate caps and chrome rings, set with Michelin Radial P225 / 70 XH4 size tires front and P255 / 70 size tires at the rear. the F-1 truck was also obtainable with additional chrome trim and two horns as an choice.

1950 Ford F1 interior

truck was equipped with a nicely colored interior that . was supplied with gray leather interior color Some of the common interior functions that accompany the 1950 F1 model incorporate: ..
 Vintage R134a air conditioning with heater
 Steering
full custom VDO gauges  mounted in the instrument cluster 
billets … Kenwood AM or FM
 acoustic program cassette


F1 1950 was powered by a 454ci V8 engine with the capacity presented and the car a maximum power of 95 hp at 3300 RPM. The engine was coupled with a TH400 automatic transmission with 3 speeds. The automobile was supplied with polished engine accessories and fully chromed which includes the air filter and aluminum valve covers. He was also supplied with a fresh rebuilt blast furnace personalized brass with a six-blade fan clutch Hayden.

This super nice F1 Truck Racing renovated and drives with ease and it supplies much better efficiency on the open highway. He hangs straight and precise, even in difficult braking. The 1950 Ford F1 engine also provides the truck with just enormous energy acceleration with out jurisdiction to fly just traveling about town. Classic Ford F1 was presented with the drive method of the rear wheels as standard.


the release date and value

1950 Ford F1 has been on sale in the present 1950, but its origin is not known the value. This model was produced from 1948 to 1952. Even so, the model is getting auctioned as a employed car with the minimum cost of $ 10,000 $ 50,000.

1950 Ford F1 Photos

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