Fisker Automotive, BMW Motorsport Weld Re Born To Be Mixed

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 Fisker Karma-2015

Do you remember Automotive and Fisker Karma? Well, he recently announced a partnership with the company because now Fisker Karma will remember the brand of China 2016. BMW did say trying to get back to work with a plug-in hybrid car seems to be one of the scheduled launch.

Fisker Automotive will become effective BMW customers. BMW plug-in hybrid will be a next time, you will see hybrid powerplant for sale.

Fisker Automotive is now called the Karma, the company was founded by former BMW designer Henrik Fisker. this is a great time looking Fisker Automotive Fisker created penned Although it is in trouble.

The financial troubled waters to run the company in 2013 and finally closed for good design genius Fisker California-based company was not enough. It is being bought up by Chinese investors.

Maybe Fisker Automotive is now bigger brands plug-in hybrid models was published it seems that technology public perception is changing and this may give input mixed a new hope in the very early market.

According to the rumor that mixed renaming least this plug-in hybrid hybrids, no matter what it’s called, we’ll show you do not have to look weird old Mixed Elux. Toyota and Honda take note.

Mixed charged gasoline engines at its heart may end up using the 1.5-liter turbo features used BMW i8 plug-in hybrid derivative. Mix all future models will also include electric powerplants.

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