Fiat 124 Spider total Screw Up

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Fiat 124 Spider to be messed with and completely re-launch leave us bitter wind swept home to bitter disappointment. All new 124 Spider is hand-me down that third-generation Mazda MX-5.

Of course, Fiat has made some changes to the exterior design, but they have managed to ruin even the underlying design favors the third generation MX-5.

We are here officially devastating images of major league disappointment as we lurch around the office we swell up any more so you can not write new 124 Spider bitterly disappointed.

Yes, we know that the professional way this reporting and we … I just had to stop un-biased forced to stay oh the pain, suffering …


Disappointing rating: -10 out of 10


When Mazda drank very little get change, oh wait Fiat badge


frustration can then be measured according to Fiat Spider needle break the Richter Scale, it would be these charts

Reload .: our terribly disappointing said that the new Fiat Spider third-generation MX-5 is based, it is not . Spider on the fact that we can not keep control of his share … oh bloody hell. We’re still very disappointed

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