Ferrari F60 America Review

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Ferrari F60 2009 Formula one season in Scuderia Ferrari Formula one motor racing used by Marlboro car. car Formula (2009), Ferrari was named F60 in honor of 60 years.

F60 first full test th was held in 2009 January 19 Mugello Circuit.

Ferrari F60 America exterior

F60 exterior design was inspired by the North American Racing Team uniform appearance. bonnet fenders applied Prancing Horse badge and cabins in the center tunnel is decorated. classic Ferrari with chrome trim and integrated air intakes for the brakes to the front of the vehicle is equipped with front grille. side mirrors located on the edge of the car’s floor. according to have to produce a rear diffuser less downforce has been redesigned to meet which arrangements.

by Ferrari, which placed limits on the short-wheelbase, more simple front splitter, rear spoiler and a narrower lower air flow so that it is less disruptive address behind the car. single layer front splitter is now placed further away from the front wheels. Allegedly, increase the air flow to these wheels.

The 2015 Ferrari F60 carbon-fiber-trimmed flying buttresses America leather-trimmed roll hoops flowing for a couple more effective image, there is no roof.

The body center, dominated by blue and white striped enriched.


2015 Ferrari F60 America interior

the sporty red trim with the Ferrari F60 asymmetric cabinet design highlights the area of ​​the driver and the passenger cabin section of the competition based on the legendary Ferrari cars, black. Cabin trim composite material in the driver’s side door in the furrowed, it looks luxurious and exclusive with tunnel and dashboard panels. American flag motif, placed in the center of each seat and backrest.


motor and Properties

as for the engine, Ferrari F60 F60 has a lower performance from the United States mounted a new mid-front V12 and special gear ratios.

f60ameri of character is distinguished by innovative design side immediately become apparent harmony theme.

According to the manufacturer, customers can often be used in a light fabric top speed of about 75 mph. front mid-mounted 730-horsepower V-12 puts and time 3.1 seconds 0-60 mph acceleration is able to develop and reach 210 mph.

The price and release date

now reading about this tool, you need to specify that it is too late to yourself to purchase one 10 rich collectors already all It bought 10 pieces.

Ferrari F60 price of approximately $ 2.5 million dollars.

 Ferrari-F60-4 Ferrari F60 Formula One race car
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