Facelifted Mercedes SL Reveal

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you may have already seen facelifed Mercedes SLR, and we should buy always liked probably just what big convertible luxury tourer. Due to its specific cause LA Motorshow has emerged, America’s largest market for SL to purchase large area of ​​California. And what better place to reveal the face-lifted SL California after the world’s facelift in heaven.

updates just as it is now is not pertained to receive a series of exterior design changes are not just any sixth-generation SL desired appearance. I can not tell the difference between the fifth and sixth generation DCB then we’re not here to deceive you or Towers.


Yes to reduce almost a fifth almost similar but 110kg weight around seems to have been built sixth generation beyond the sixth generation of aluminum . Generally a little longer than that and wider than the successful predecessor back in 2012.

the main body panel styling changes will be hard pressed to tell from tough 2001 so mild pressure and current 2015 edition of lights and rear tail light designs for saving


But most horsepower of the changes under made with a lump of a new 9-speed automatic transmission, improved driving dynamics five driving modes at speeds up to 25mph and the car is a folding retractable hardtop roof.

The model range now SL 400 V6 twin-turbo covers advanced engine 367 hp 500 Nm (additional 25 kW / 35 hp and also 20 Nm), as well as slam 455 hp and spirited V8 engine torque of 900 Nm dunks SL 500 pumps engines.

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Mercedes also have included a series of drive features such as Change Dynamic Select the characteristics of the vehicle at the touch of a button / pin system new Sport + mode in the third pre-selected dislike extremely comfortable to drive sporty engine, transmission, suspension and steering set-up changes.

if you prefer variable dampers, AMG Line models are fitted as standard, then the suspension is lowered by 10 mm and equipped with firmer springs and torsion bar stabilizers.


in addition, SL 63 to create the V8 twin-turbo requires more power squeezing ultra-powerful AMG model and also the V12 bi-turbo engine, the SL 65 will launch a later date Mercedes horse.


all this excessive force is still a more civilized age, despite the Mercedes SLR marketing as a luxury grand tourer. That’s why the Internet with more luxurious interior / enable the connected features and also whatever can expect to pay more than they expect to pay more for these optional extras are waiting.

Mercedes in 2016 to market the updated SLR will bring, the price will be the stratum from £ 100k GB

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