Evoke and national Discovery will be painted by Chery

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The car of the British automaker’s luxury cars Jaguar Land Rover manufactured in Brazil – Evoke and Discovery Sport – in the plant that the company builds in Itatiaia (RJ) will have a portion of their production made in the factory of Chery Chinese automaker in Jacarei, State of Sao Paulo.

Range Rove Evoque 2016

The two companies are in negotiations for the Land Rover braziers models are painted in the Chinese drive manufacturer in the Paraíba Valley, State São Paulo, something that would be advantageous for the two brands.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016

Chery in Brazil has a paint booth with capacity to paint 100,000 vehicles per year – double the plant’s production capacity which is 50,000 units / year. However, the factory has about 5,000 units production schedule this year.

Range Rove Evoque 2016

paint booth is part of the most expensive production of a car plant. Chery chose to build a large unit of this kind in his factory as planned strong expansion of production – something that has not occurred. Already the Jaguar Land Rover does not have a paint shop in its Itatiaia plant (RJ).

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016

Thus, Jaguar Land Rover will save a huge amount of money to run the paint on their cars Chery. The factory of the British automaker has a production capacity of 24,000 cars per year. So even if all their cars are painted at the factory of Chery, yet the Chinese unit will have a gap of 70,000 units / year of painting.

Logistically it also makes sense to partnership, since the two units are within 180 km of each other -. which highlights the advantage of the partnership

The partnership between Jaguar Land Rover and Chery Automobile is not new, since both already operate a plant together in China, where the Discovery Sport are produced and evokeSource:. [Agency Auto Date]

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