Driving a BMW M4 better Bilstein some help

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This beautiful BMW M4, Bilstein also appeared in a number of experts for special attention. They have announced a new M4 damptronic shock absorbers and suspension. The good news is that it is convenient for both M3. Both models have excellent suspension pair share the same 431 HP twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine.

However, the movement of the top models of the 3-Series and 4 Series line are equipped with different axle design. So, join the standard suspension, the customer can choose the number of adaptive suspension. Its role is to adapt to the current road conditions in the blink of an eye

simultaneously to see. Are you ready for the MINI Challenge? That Bilstein!

drove miles exploited to ensure an enjoyable holiday, so BILSTEIN, we have developed a new rear shock absorbers. In fact, damptronic B4, B6 damptronic powerful and high-end suspension shock absorber for various types started B16 damptronic. Another advantage they have is that they can be effortlessly added to the factory installed active suspension.

B6 damptronic single-tube gas pressure shock absorber B4 performance and durability go into detail, adding more damping force. In addition, the number of vehicles can be equipped with adaptive suspension BILSTEIN B16 damptronic. The advantage is that the bumps and the rebound stage has set

The Source tenfold options. BILSTEIN the

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