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 Volvo-S60-Theophilusch the

Volvo car will be completed by 2019. this plan to change its entire lineup, busy at the moment. It began with the XC90 and 2017 XC60 Volvo’s highest-selling car, in, you will be given a new lease of life.

The new 2018 S60 S70 and V60 will be replaced probably it is called. But in the meantime we can get a preview of the 2018 S70 courtesy make-wunderkind Theophilusch concept internet.

chinny, as we call it, the next-generation S60 / 70 will be created to look like what you think a vision. A few words to be a man “chinny” does not go to great design detail. But just do not look difficult to understand. We will try to do the best we can to fill. … It seems .errrrmmm Errrmmm …. … … beautiful.

 Volvo-S60-to-back Theophilusch

Volvo they are now a compact SUV does not, for example, will now be released a number of new models in 2019. Audi Q3 is expected to arrive until 2018 and probably XC40 name opponent dimensional to be given? solution.

Volvo Ford engine based on the ditch and consisting of four returned to build their own powerplants cylinder 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine and is petroleum. 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine is a new-generation 2019 wait for it to come up on the year.

Volvo design Chief every car has its own design identity and it would be said in a recent interview that the “said 90 sets will look different from the 60 clusters and 40 clusters. XC90 and XC60 XC40 is not a template for the decrease. People are fed up with the car is indistinguishable from a series of

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