Lotus Evora 410 Reveal

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You can buy this Lotus Evora is a fast version. Today they offer the Lotus name supercharged V6 engine has 410bhp Evora Sport 410 have revealed as the name suggests. Lotus Evora has around 10bhp more than the previous fastest ever. Evora 400

Evora sports automatic version only 12kg heavier than 410.

The weight was reduced by using carbon is 1,325kg in weight a little lighter roof panel, rear diffuser, front splitter fiber components.


the boot lid are molded in carbon fiber a whole section. domestic help reduce more weight than all of them can be corrected Alcantara throughout, such as lightweight bucket racing seats.

Performance figures are graded quickly. 0-62mph time 4.1 takes seconds and is good 186mph you around at top speed.

 Lotus-Evora- 410-back

Lotus engineers, suspension settings tweaked dampers are revised and lowered 5mm ride height.

Evora 410 is certainly expected to be approximately £ 80,000 property in the UK is limited to 150 but


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