Croatia’s first electric hypercar concept

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 Rimac-Concept-in-One Movement

you’ve never heard if centered Croatian Rimac us, let me give you a brief summary. 2007. Human subsequent investment gains and the rest is history about the man, his BMW E30 conversion establishes an electric car into the garage-based hobby. American and

I’ve heard of Croatia, then you have a little more to offer and book a vacation on Google Google it.

or cars, it said the man began to tinker with and electric powertrains that early 20’s was Mate Rimac.

 Rimac-Concept-in-One View

the company bearing his surname develop and electric drivetrains and went on to produce battery systems

Rimac same time as producing high performance supercars and the concept is a recent initiative called up only. Concept A lot of the initial design work on the bounce made a production car fully realized


However Concept one production will be limited to just eight with prices expected to start at around 800,000 euros. He looks great.

Concept with four powertrain featuring is completely electric hypercar permanent magnet power to each wheel engines. the total output dimensions 1073bhp and 1600Nm of torque.

Performance figures are in a car weight fast from 1,850kg. 0-62 times a reputed 2.6 seconds and top picks speed claimed 221mph maxes out.

one of four concept a two dual-clutch gearboxes for front engine and rear engine are two with single-speed transmissions.

Rimac the power of all that torque vectoring software aids like stability and traction control made sure that in every way, including accessible.

In a statement Rimac Mate “My goal, he said the current supercars is not to create an electric version. It’s faster, more fun and more efficient – I wanted to create the technology to do pretty well supercar everything. I am 21. I wanted to make century supercar. “

it work … Mate.

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