cor.speed exciting Mercedes – Benz E-Class Cabriolet, it was announced that the project

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Piecha Design is located as a collector

cor.speed responsible for general settings here, but actually covers many other good customization specialist. Note that under her car, has further improved the W207 Mercedes – he was born a magnificent view of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet up. So, basically, the Mercedes – screen ARROWS new wheels, shock absorbers, and Piecha Design is also equipped with aerodynamic style.

cor.speed high performance tires has been said to have been exceptional. They are away from the “run facility, factory” mostly in the alloy to sell its unique design features to differentiate

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so basically, this is more than the Mercedes Hot Wheels What is the best example of this change appears to be an ordinary car (do not W207). Go into detail, here with Mercedes – distinctive 20-inch Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible shown, Higloss black with polished lips last Inox company arrow cor.speed 10-spoke design.

 cor.speed Mercedes - Benz E-class Cabriolet rear and side view

attractive and adds depth perception to offset larger vehicles and more targeted way. This new position by the widening gap between 10 mm separation bars. Alloys, low-profile 245 / 30R20 and 275 / 25R20 with a measure

cor.speed one H & amp; amp installation. – [R shock absorber suspension system ride height is fully adjustable shock absorbers and the value of the rebound and rebound. Suspension kit

This package consists of an unobtrusive appearance Piech rounding. 45 mm front and rear, to reduce the car to the front spoiler lip 40mm, you can design. This factory AMG styling kit has been developed to directly effortlessly Price.

Well, it’s all over is not a good ride?

cor.speed what happens in the garage, including the work of what is going on, they want to be like the official Facebook page updates, of course – every day, all private messages will be announced about the agreement, please visit our go!

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