Concepts such as a New Generation Pre-kia Cadenza

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Cadenza its North American target market, offering the Kia to appease the flavors designed to get his way in the luxury struggle BMW 5 Series premium that Kia can not Optima. 2016 second-generation Cadenza preview of the full concept sketch glory. As with all new concept it does not look anything like Candez this flashy sketches.

riotous almost ‘Sportback’ / cup lines of comets, Cadenza taking profile with low stance (yes, we do not just mean the comet) and sleek-looking all-important LED headlights.


the so-called tiger nose grille gets a few styling cues hexagonal and has about it the ability to speak the language of the sums designer style. Generation Kia Cadenza “the big luxury saloon segment and bringing elegance at a high level, the current model of progressive, maintains the contemporary image” means.


all new Cadenza cabin Kia premium has been restyled who decided to go for the luxury crowd and order

more space and higher quality materials than before It will offer.

Being designed for America Cadenza will not be ready for sale in the UK. European premium sedan market is the most dominant German is a tough crowd. Many other tried and Audi, Mercedes and BMW

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