Chevy Equinox SUV has introduced a new machine. And definitely worth checking out!

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Chevrolet equinox 20182018 Chevy Equinox revealed with a freshness, a modern SUV with tons of features and tons of supplements. Definitely a good tool, and in any case, we expect the best when it comes to Chevrolet cars.

exterior design


in any case expression. And Nov. With graceful curves and smooth lines of the body parts that enhances the solid body language is super confident. Also, Volt, Malibu and Cruze models, we see some familiar shapes and forms. After all,

the same, in fact, the concept of the style of the day and Malibu the next night. Malibu.

of course, as we want to make the exterior design. For me, personally, the male body, an aggressive stance, functions, and clean lines and impressive yet Super


denim colors enhanced 505 print

by the tooth, the interior is stylish and impressive: the dashboard and away, offer a view of the outside of the windshield is low, an environment of comfort and luxury. Also split-foldable backrest for an easier installation below the ground, your back flat in some pure functional additions: new “kneeling” pillow under the rear seat, tilting front. Sweet.

technology with elegant interior

inside the vehicle, there are many technologies which make the properties more attractive. For example, consuming Apple Inc CarPlay and Android car systems that support information and entertainment mylink systems, a 7-inch and 8. Basically, this danger and features modern passenger car: vehicle condition information about navigation, and some for pure fun that you want to enter is everything. Sweet.

security facilities

many of the technologies that followed the 2018 equinox is compatible with the health of the driver and the passenger. Additional controls the most important vehicle for young drivers and safe driver habits for a young driver alleged that the parents set the data validation system. What’s good about this system is working, even if not the top toolbar.

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In addition, there are numerous other active and passive systems. For example, the new Chevy Safety alert seat, driver alert, following distance indication with the team in a new environmental vision system, new front end collision, low-speed automatic braking systems, lane keeping assist, head Airbag, rear seat memory and much more.

drive system


now we’re talking! Powerful engines and sporty drive you are dealing with the installation of the system drivers. Large 1.5 litre diesel and 2.0 litre turbo-litre turbo unit, there are a total of three engines in the range of 1.6. The 2018 equinox series first

also switchable four-wheel drive system increases the efficiency of both the overall functionality and versatility of the vehicle. Sweet,

how can you find a new member of the family? This!

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