The 2017 Nissan GT Revealed

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 X-Tomi-Nissan GT-R-Action

Hey just create a concept by the chief resident artists actually wait a minute, the current GT-R launched in 2007, says X-Tomi, old. Car GT-R we planned for about 5-10 year life cycle, such as between a large number of updates.

has no X-Tomi generation GT-R has decided to commit impatience, his face amount Nissan cards on the table and I have to say that very little result because the concept is not true.

The second generation GT-R front engine sometime in 2017. You know what that is scheduled to start, will be retained along with four-wheel drive rear-wheel drive setup on demand.

 X-Tomi-Nissan GT-R-Back

a hybrid powerplant, works in the short 2017 Nissan GT-R should be a mixture of evolution with a hint of the revolutionary impulse. But what it would look like.

Shiro Nakamura said he was willing to maintain the current model because it does not look as chief creative officer can say X-Tomi rendering “boxy, functional” style language.

Nakamura next gen GT-R X-Tomi render named by the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concept record and will not be in the form of influence.

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