But demand is growing Tesla Model X as Stumbles Time For Boom

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in the fourth quarter when its boom for Tesla Motors, the company fully electric Model s for in doing so, delivered to Tesla experiencing first son demands of new customers and the hippies It reached 50 thousand vehicles for the transport target year for 17k car.

33k units sold where Tesla lived, but the biggest spike in fourth-quarter demand in September. Saw demand decrease between 17-19 vehicles sold

all-electric SUV, the company’s first foray into the world so far 208 have been delivered SUV Tesla, the Model X launch in September.

Model X, the first is scheduled to begin in 2013, but has proved difficult to design and production has been slightly delayed project.

The delays were largely based suppliers as has been the custom-made seats, Tesla could produce them had problems with suppliers. Finally he decided to produce in-seat Tesla

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