Bugatti Chiron Roadster Concept Photo

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is a professional designer in Brazil appears officially can not wait anymore for the Bugatti Chiron will emerge next month’s Geneva Motor Show. We do not know how it will look in terms of style Chiron but Guilherme Kataoka to create a roadster concept he decided to take it on your own.

interweb many artistic rendering, and even has a few spy video

Chiron in the test mule costume.

Kataoka version as there is no front wind takes place from a very unique and diverse sources to combine very Roadster inspired look like screen.

looks bright on the coating, but these facts, try near 200mph driving with no windshield.


does not sound like a lot of fun but we are not brave like official Bugatti Chiron.

Chiron Veyron will spare understood Bugatti spec or performance but Chiron hybrid power addition the Veyron’s W12 is not much concerned about the powerplant is expected to carry on.

Bugatti-Kataoka-Chiron-Roadster Concept 3D-Models

So Banzi performance and power too 1,500bhp close points and £ 2m around GBP obviously expect an astronomical price tag

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