Brave, muscular and confident: Kia Rio sketches. We hope that, as the real one.

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2016 Kia Rio to make a long story short, in 2016 in Paris, the Paris international Motor fourth generation Kia Rio will make its world premiere on September 29

short story long, delicious reveal this project, we look, we decided to do our best details for the upcoming SUV and Kia’s engineers and design team. If all of the official sketch, we tend to think, Kia Motors will be a killer.

Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant new exterior and interior design expert design style has changed a lot in Germany and improvement centers in California and South Korea. We clean up straight, completely ready to take action in this position masculine and muscular body helps smooth surface and a longer hood and front overhang, long wheelbase and see the upright C-pillar.

 2016 Kia Rio

Of course, the head of Kia promises class practicality and safety technology, a new generation of connectivity and overall more enjoyable, harvesting trip.

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Quote, Kia Rio 2015 Titanic wants to sell 473 million units of the brand’s most one of the best-selling models, this does not prevent us from developing and Kia team to bring more and better tools and products.

 2016 Kia Rio

in the Paris international car races in September Kia’s official press conference for the official details occurred 14 Shi 45 CET 29

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