BMW Z4 production stops sensational farewell

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Last Z4 sDrive35i E89 fascinating Valencia Orange Metallic income

terminated preparation of a legend and has done so without BMW fireworks. Latest BMW Z4 E89, sDrive35i created a few days ago. Since 2009, when the market has more than 115,000 units of the second generation Z4. BMW Z4 E89 will leave at the time of production of the official ending August 22 nd d.

The latest Z4 sDrive35i impressive revenue Valencia Orange Metallic. distinguishes it from other models are not uncommon. In other words, its twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, N54

340 horsepower pumping the latest version. See also: BMW Z4 Facelift will be unveiling and I can not wait to see

But do not cry! This is not the end because attractive double. BMW and Toyota are developing so-called G29 called Z5 code. Two models with old and new, have something in common, but that the soft top sports Z4 Z5 unlike metal roofs. new car fast at least by means of reduction are weighed, it is advantageous. In addition, the strain will be very large. =

2016 BMW Z4 E89 sDrive35i Valencia Orange Metallic Interior

Z5 Roadster events during’re officially rumors in 2017 in 2018 to planned production Z5 is a thrill while there is news-makers, it will be released in Europe. A Toyota car is powered by the drivetrain, excluding the hybrid version is expected to be equipped with a powerful BMW engines.

What really happened? , Let us wait for some official information BMW

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