BMW M4 GTS Supercar

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 BMW-M4GTS Rear-front

BMW does not make any of your brag. M4 M4 is a twin-turbo GTS, equipped with 6-cylinder petrol engine with 500bhp and 600Nm of torque is now at hand. This machine will cover 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 190mph enough for this.

This is just a normal cartridge is included free with the GTS badge then think again if you think that the M4. £ 120,000 price tag M4 GTS puts proper supercar territory. So M4 GTS on the reasons in favor of an Aston Martin should appear V8 Vantage


them into the M4 GTS with expertise shoe-horned up motor sports such as BMW, his intelligent diet may have had a performance with the adoption of lightweight design

Weight-saving measures include carbon fiber bucket seats .; lightweight center console, rear seat and boot partition panels; rather solid arm M includes striped door pull loops and special lightweight door panels and side trim ,.

M4 GTS only as a result of this intense drive weighs over 1,500kg. . It is usually a performance target weight of around 1,300kg / supercar quite lardy


engine a seven-speed M mated to choose the right gear for every driving situation Double Clutch transmission (M DCT). This flow of power to the rear wheels means no downtime.

The driver can also manually select gears using the clutch pedal, the steering wheel or gear lever. Three are equipped with Drivelogic shift program.

Despite any weight outer part contains very few OLED lighting technology boxer in his prime as a heavyweight boxer, it looks sharp.

 BMW-M4GTS-Rear Wing

BMW’s M division is this strength to increase the steering GTS whereupon M4 steering and suspension settings, there are uprated. Mr specially designed three-way adjustable coilover suspension has rebound and compression settings. Which corner means better ride out the bumps while maintaining traction.

The anti-roll bars for improved control and support are closely connected and producing foreseeable use, is adapted from increased engine power. rigid rear axle subframe and the connections between race-derived stem – distribution with rubber bushes -. Wheel position and improve tracking stability

BMW M4 GTS equipped to optimize the light standard, ultra-high performance M carbon-ceramic with six-piston (front) or four-piston (rear) brakes with calipers. These incentives are designed for advanced missiles and long life.

Track day enthusiasts can specify the optional Clubsport package. The front seats, six-point harness racing specification includes a fire extinguisher and a roll cage behind Acid Orange. Available without paying any fees.


Indeed, BMW only go to the dealership and we ask that in your your side, a number of costs for the optional offer point of sale.

And it really will be made only 700 M4 GTS models for consumption in the world, because you will have to go to the BMW dealership. UK sales, with any of them started in March 2016 30 will be allocated.


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