BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

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After the 2 Series Active Tourer launched in 2014, BMW continues its offensive on minivans with version 7 seater Gran Tourer, a vehicle unique position among premium manufacturers.

to say that the arrival of BMW last year in the field of compact MPV made noise. However, the operation proved to be highly successful since after less than a year of marketing, the Active Tourer , first pull of the brand BMW is already the second most sold on the market French. With this success, the manufacturer thus continues its momentum and is now marketing the long version of this vehicle, called Round 2 Gran Tourer.

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More than 21 cm long compared to the Active Tourer (including 11 cm wheelbase) or 4.56 m, the Gran Tourer present especially the advantage of seven places. On the French market, the third row of seats is also standard on all versions, although it is still possible to choose the Gran Tourer in five places, with an option minorante (€ -300). This new model is the pioneer in premium class manufacturers, since neither Mercedes (who was the first to invest the compact MPV segment with the Class B ), or Audi will have a equivalent offer.

the aim is thus to provide the space and versatility references such as the Renault Grand Scénic or Citroën Grand C4 Picasso while offering benefits and presentation a notch above. And no doubt that this positioning should satisfy many potential customers who previously did not necessarily assumed to ride in a general MPV. The standing of this Gran Tourer is also clearly noticeable once you enter on board. then we find an almost identical interior to that of the Active Tourer, with a nice presentation and a high quality finish

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the load volume naturally benefits of extension, with a chest displaying a capacity ranging from 560 to 720 liters depending on the position of the back seat (which remains sliding) and up to 1820 liters when the latter folded (1900 liters with option 5 places). Of course, the third row seats are reserved primarily for children. The family vocation of this vehicle is however confirmed by numerous practical issues, such as aviation shelves for adjustable rear seat height, or folding seats of the third row which fold electrically and are perfectly integrated to the floor. The only area in which the car suffers from this passage with seven seats is ultimately that of the exterior styling, the massive silhouette stern frankly weighting relative to the Active Tourer.

now remains whether this template up does not compromise the good road services discovered on the Active Tourer, which managed to preserve somehow the dynamism that has made the brand reputation despite its architecture. The arrival on a winding road quickly gives the answer: Although the Gran Tourer logically retains overall character understeer, one is astonished by its road behavior remains alert

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the diesel engine 2.0 150 hp, animating the 218d version we have taken in hand, shows very adequate for family use (0 to 100 km / h in 9.5 s) but, however, seems to be the bare minimum if you travel frequently loaded and you want to keep good performance. One can also wonder whether the 216d and 214d versions with lower block three-cylinder (116 hp and 95 hp) will not be worth a bit about this vehicle, which weighs about 125 kg more than the Active Tourer . The eight-speed automatic transmission, which calls on this version an additional € 2,150 compared to the manual gearbox, offers for its softness and fluidity, appearing more responsive if we increase the pace. The dual amounts of very thick windshield prove troublesome in hand on all curvy.

The consumption in these conditions remains contained, averaging raised to 7.3 l / 100 km. Comfort is satisfactory although at low speed sec. We also got to briefly test the 220d xDrive Version, strong 190 hp and equipped with AWD. The latter, which is the most efficient compact MPV market, with a 0 to 100 km / h in 7.8 s shot, is a bit more lively and suffers no loss of traction, but on the other hand seems a little clumsy.

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Regarding tariffs, the BMW 2 Gran Tourer series naturally differs from its competitors by general higher price of about € 3,000 to equivalent definition. Starting at € 26,490 for finishing first with the engine three-cylinder petrol engine of 102 hp (116i), the Bavarian minivan up to € 47,050 in 220d xDrive M Sport with the finish. Our test version of 218d, which represent the heart of sales with the 216d, it starts at € 34,100 for finishing Lounge (€ 37,000 in Sport trim our trial version). Anyway, this new compact MPV 7-seater finds himself currently only representative of its kind in the premium category, with a presentation and an overall level of benefits to BMW standards.

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