Bling tasteless mixture with Bentley Beluga

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What they do is of course a limited special edition and its Mulsanne Speed ​​based. But. Bentley “bullying” you need to call Russia Bentley rich oligarchs contested title of “Beluga Edition “was added.

the Caspian Sea is the world’s largest saltwater lake, to a fish Beluga Sturgeon home that caviar is harvested.

Beluga world’s most expensive caviar this the demand for caviar, Beluga Sturgeon is considered to be critically endangered species under 1kg be around $ 7500 cost.

This Bentley, ironically it.

Bentley-Beluga-Special Edition Kick Plate

aside from Bentley … things that rank stupidity> … and we have this ridiculous product marketing mash- not even bother to finish up this article.

a number of domestic and foreign special printing features, get whoopy-doo. Seriously Beluga Edition?

this is what you get when you start sucking up to the super-rich. undoubtedly super-rich few people Well Bentley appeal.

Bentley is not all marketing is going down by an administrator on reaching exercise .. this … thing, looking for progress time and carrer.

I cost or when you go to market, I What I do not care anyway I do not want to hear Beluga Bentley.

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