Bling facelift for the Bentley Mulsanne On overdose

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Bentley Mulsanne - Bling-2016-Motion

currently, Bentley concern seems each model’s launch or learn more about facelift bling and get more define bling:.>

Mulsanne Bentley is the flagship bling models and the 2016 Bentley for you. As far as we can see if we decide bling treatment extra facelift all quite “blingy” there.

Bentley Mulsanne - Bling-2016-Lights

this bling Very Battlestar Galactica Cylon resembling a redesigned front grille can be attributed.

grill that tool away in other areas, in-your-face as the redesigned front fenders, front and rear bumpers and hood.

The majority of all Mulsanne changes, such as the front grille facelifts … god damn fine with being the exception. This design does not appear to the rest of the gel.

Bentley Mulsanne - Bling-2016-Pre-internal

Bentley peak model series now Mulsanne, Mulsanne Speed ​​and Mulsanne wheelbase extended each model is slightly stronger which consists of four models. Below from that.

Bentley Mulsanne at 6¾-liter twin-turbo V8 engine tweaked. 505 bhp and a torque of 1020 Nm eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, though channeling all. wait

the standard Mulsanne 5.1 seconds (4.9 seconds in the 0-100 km / h) to 184mph and has a 0-60 mph sprint speed.

Bentley Mulsanne - Bling-2016-Rear Interior

Bentley Mulsanne engineers have been hard at work given to the chassis. The all-new chassis equipment no longer binds the active engine and suspension includes shrubs

operated by rotary switch Drive Dynamics Control system, mounted next to the gear selector is available to choose from three standard modes -. Bentley, Sport and Comfort.

These modes Bentley, say the suspension and steering control systems offer precise calibration. The fourth mode, a private driver setting ‘the Mulsanne to a preferred driving style.

Bentley Mulsanne - Bling-2016-Back

Continuous Damping Control (CDC) with air suspension system is designed to provide an elegant and comfortable driving at low speeds.

to the thousand Mulsanne for high speed height automatically lift reduce to reduce and improve aerodynamic stability.

even the standard 20 “alloy wheels and tires have built-in latest noise absorption foam architecture. Bentley says that 4 dB to reduce noise inside the cabin.

Mulsanne as well as you’d expect for a flagship ultra-luxury cars last drive technology as it helps the blind spot indicator. And the kit contains plenty of lessons.

Bentley Mulsanne - Bling-2016-View

You can spend’re talking about ultra-luxurious interior all day. Mulsanne over the elegant wood leather selection. allows any model spec, the Mulsanne S Class Maybach casual look. for rear passengers

for example Mulsanne Extended wheelbase feature aircraft-style seats. Console best handcrafted finish, metal, glass and a USB port for updating the skin and houses, pen holders, cup holders and a glass-covered practical features as the stacking area.

Pricing designated center Mulsanne yet to be expect an increase in percent between only 2-5 as described by Bentley. currently

Quick model is more expensive than 252k £. for £ 229K an ‘entry level’ Mulsanne get and Extended Wheelbase models of Bentley on our internal resources close by, you can expect £ 300k to come.

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