Awesome Mercedes CL AMG 45 – SCHMIDT revolution through superior belt

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tuner for simple measures to make it more beautiful CLA

I Love CL. If you are a fan Benz probably the same view. Well, the series may be the best-looking car, with his posture and appearance attracted. Because strange involving this model of excellence set up a project, but experts like Schmidt Revolution courage to do it. More importantly, the simple steps to do so. Their idea, etc.

The first expert, downloading tools. To this end, gearbox / Raceland of H & amp; amp with the help of 25 mm, the closer to the ground responsible for the beautiful CLA 45 AMG; – [R spring

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they have had a full body are refreshed …… but do not touch her, he added. How can this be? With specific screening of the cab, it is to adjust the auxiliary CAD technology start the wheel.

 Schmidt revolution 45 after the Mercedes -AMG CL view

this is a plea: rubber size, that is, 235 / 35R19,1140 kg front axle load capacity is the key to the game. The result: stunning fantastic wheel tire combination! this is the last time.

red painted brake calipers guarantee almost at a glance, but not least, with a powerful 400 hp Chiptuning Schmidt Revolution also brings performance applications of CLA. To view the added speed box OEM logos and tail are extra performance stripes. Pretty, is not it

including work in progress, if you want to stay current on what Schmidt Revolution garage, you may want to, of course, their official Facebook page? – Daily, particular attention will be adjusted and published around us visit

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