Aston Martin Vulcan Review, Release Date, Price

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Aston Martin secretly gave the world new car will make its entry implies 2015 Geneva motor Show, another teaser features the next hypercar look at Vulcan. Although rare points of interest together, reports AutoCar what draws so far is turning out to be the fastest Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Vulcan NC




Geneva Motor Show

the teaser “= no symptoms, but all of Vulcan, no matter how radical her what her plans will generally be sheltered wait will be open as an Aston Martin.

aston-martin-vulcan-side profile

The massive investigation will look like the Aston Martin Vulcan or characteristic of a fair bottom and large new outline strip off Most probably, considering the Aston’s current budget situation, we did convince them to accept I’ll be seeing-up Vantage GT3 is an increased? Model hustling animated, but a mid-engine design and still harkens plan LA Speed ​​8 is not impossible Mans winner.

aston-martin-vulcan front-three-quarter

Geneva Motor Show


Vulcan supercar will probably be given a fair trail in this way, it’s meaningless bit of comfort is undeniable highlight of my hand, we anticipate a gear cockpit. Highlights multipoint saddle, a hustling function control wheel, a basic instrument groups and focus directly on the switch stack and hunting need to include stylish armchairs with a large group. An FIA-spec move will give the housing security.

 I-vulcan-internal Geneva Motor Show


Good place like the teaser of the soundtrack that reveals Vulcan’s drivetrain about two fundamental insights It proves that. First of all, the V-12 engine, which is furnished with a monster comes as part of a reputable company can mean the 7.0-liter V-12. I reinforced after the engine with the Aston Martin Racing, we anticipate 700 to transmit pull abundance.

so much charm flying out to the rear wheels, to reach Vulcan begin with it should take about three seconds, and report mph.all 200 to reach plenty of speed to clear a plant 60 miles tachometer redline especially 430 bhp, 361 lb- ft of torque crest and gives a lot of grins. Now beans and franks to move from zero to 190 mph to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds Vantage inadequate as preparing a terminal velocity.

Warranty auto arm and at the same time some people are stocking impact, Vantage wheel twice wishbone suspension autonomous thousand. Providing a baby gazelle athletic ready for it the guiding rate of 15-to-1 and only 2.62 turns lock safe costs.

The price and release data

To discuss costs very early, but I can report you will not humble Vulcan Aston Martin. In addition, the Top Gear British can guarantee plenty of goods manufactured under $ 2 million in Vulcan implies 30.

gala anyone expect Aston Martin Vulcan Geneva International had the opportunity Tuesday on March 3, 10:15 am Motor Show in 2015.

 02-aston-martin-Vulcan geneva-1

Geneva Motor Show

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