Aston Martin DB11 Revealed

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that is, the DB9 is the long-awaited successor, DB11. I would always have to replace the DB9, thought by many Aston Martin I want to go evolutionary way to look at the styling direction. We were able to type with all the new DB11 Aston Martin.

I just completely refreshed design language, DB11 also is comes loaded with a new aerodynamic drag reduction / stability feature.


as expected, the most powerful production model of a well-hosts never DB11 DB, musters 600bhp and 700Nm of torque 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12.

great, but an Aston Martin DB11 unfortunately does not come right technology to use to stop -start atmosphere and polar bears.


the engine also has cylinder -. when cruising, is designed to improve its fuel economy

a number of chassis advance payment roller underlying the disable variable delivery technology DB9 bonded aluminum structure DB11 process but greatly refined for improved power.

frame for a stronger and more space efficient. DB11 chassis, suspension, steering and borrowed Mercedes basis in addition to the electronic.


Aston Martin and Mercedes engine technology and partnership and Aston certainly as you know we do have this treasure most.

The new technologies now included in dynamic mode can be selected by the driver – GT, Sport and Sport Plus -. To intensify the progressive engine response which

The new electric power steering and braking, damping for great agility 8-speed automatic ZF transmission with torque orientation designed to increase the adaptive firmness.


the interior also features several Mercedes-sourced parts, 8-inch touch-screen infotainment system, has been a C-class. leather Stripe still looks just sitting there recognisably ugly.

the dashboard now offers digital and graphic information as the primary tool of a 12 “TFT LCD display contains.

Of course you can expect to get cut and luxurious interior with a luxurious Of supercar it will be equipped with many toys as you like.


Maybe DB11 most innovative feature of air flow “streamlined management” is. the front-end lift redesigned inside wheel arches through a secret hole in the side of the circle high pressure air releases decreased in gill-like curlicue.

backend Elevator same time Aston Martin virtual spoiler fed up with hidden air intakes at the bottom of each C-pillar in aerobla reduced. air rear decklid opening before ventilation air as a jet, It is given through the body. behaves like air escaping from a rear wing in layman terms.

And we have streamlined solution to meet Aston problem with DB11, I sacrificed that rear-end styling. DB11 on the back end, but I’m sorry to say this does not work, this strange and seems incongruous with the rest of the car’s styling.

DB11 as 90 percent and we will be one of the best driving Aston Martins ever made you suck. But the rear-end styling Aston at odds with the history of the whole design.

DB11 was launched, the first deliveries in Q4 2016 and is expected to reach customers with British punters can expect to meet payment was £ 154,900 GBP.

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