Artist concept into Procar BMW i8 opens

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 BMW i8 Pro-Am

before Khyzyl have featured Mr. Saleem. We are a niche operator sea sharks are not coming because others ignore our discoveries to be picking up and interest. Khyzyl child again did us proud and you can rate the attitude continues to produce high quality coatings concept.

Here Khyzyl latest rendering, and this time he and a Procar BMW i8 taken into because it is open. Proc an annual motor sport series organized by the German automobile club and running since 1995.

BMW also had one M1 Procar series to be initially aimed for a mid-engine sports car, a joint project between 1970 Lamborghini and BMW.

Once you get into financial trouble a little short Lamborghini BMW M1 building process ended to cut a long story. M1 production lasted from 1978 to 1981.

M1 sales to promote the BMW marketing lightning formula and opening in 1979 season and immediately had folded by 1980 widebody M1 Procar Championship looked organized, rendering color scheme and Khyzyl this flat tire directly Proc 1979 M1 inspired.

during the race were written off totaled eight top drivers at the Formula season.

F1 drivers including James Hunt and Niki Lauda, ​​including some TIFF Needell. Yeah, did not compete Needell driving one of the two Grand Prix for Formula Ensign.

BMW i8 different beast to the modern era, a mid-engine 1.5-liter, one powered by turbo inline two-door sports coupe hybrid engine

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