All-new Volvo S90 is now officially shown

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 Volvo-S90-action the

is all-new Volvo S90 uber sedan Swedish company hopes to absorb z Germans. Vanquishes S80 and S90, we can say that the BMW 5 Series brings renewed hope that at least one challenge to topple him from an omniscient point of seeing it all, nay changes.

was more S80 cruisers, really super comfortable driving comfort level 5 Series is superior, M Class and put together XF.

However, it seems buyers. BMW offers and competitors backfoot always be sold to the dynamic edge stuff


If the S90 continues to be seen in the superb driving dynamics the Volvo philosophy of comfort, to the first millennium? who cares about ideals.

What is known is Volvo’s Scalable Platform Architecture based on S90, S80 is that you could imagine has developed more dynamically.

 Volvo- S90-B

the same engines used in Volvo’s current range 349bhp 2.0-liter twin-engine plug-in hybrid diesel TWINTURBO, S90 transfer possible to expect.

Håkan Samuelsson, President & amp; CEO of Volvo Car Group “With the XC90 launch, we said he had a clear explanation of intention. The game clearly and were firmly. With the last five years investing $ 11 billion US dollars, may be just what Volvo Cars is not reimagined – now.” , resurrected and about the Volvo Cars brand delivered our promise


the Volvo S90 was completely developed a new design language for the exterior and interior. He is also on the outside of his Audi A7 was a cross between the species has been likened Link Hoffmiest BMW K behind “Sweden Kink” . All this said, it seems pretty sharp, and therefore stylish.

 Volvo-S90-Front <> Volvo Car Group, Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design says p / p> /” our idea 1040px 100vw was to bring something completely new to slaughter this rather conservative and external leadership and trust exudes to deliver the visual expression. inside, we comfort and control, “promises high-end offering luxury experience, have taken S90 to the next level

beginning to sell about 2,000 UK Volvo hopes of years, Europe the explosion also tend to all variants of the SUV sector has seen a decline in the premium executive saloon market.


the United States and China, however, demand is still strong in the premium executive saloon. . S90 ring Detroit in 2016 NAIAS set to be unveiled

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