2018 BMW i5 Review, Rumors, Features, Price, Release Date

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BMW produces aggressive fore-front plug-in electric cars in four German automobile manufacturers. Just last year alone, the company elegant BMW i8, as well as an all-electric i3 hatchback BMW launches plug-in hybrid sports coupe.

Now, reports from Germany indicate that the car a longer range of all-electric drive with another plug-in hybrid that produces the early stages. Car upcoming 2016 BMW X5 xDrive 40 plug-in hybrid SUV is said to have a better ability. new plug-in hybrid named “2018 BMW i5” with nowhere to go. According to rumors, the new plug-in hybrid sedan Tesla rival.


If If that’s the case, we have a new model hits dealer showrooms in late 2017 or in 2018 when, I believe that Tesla would probably be back in time to “pivot” in the future.


BMW i8

2018 BMW i5 external and internal

BMW 2018 BMW i5 it is not clear what looks to go outside. According to rumors, the car was built specifically for the Chinese market LWB 5 Series sedan will be built. its rate of 6 Series Gran Coupe is also the future will be like the 7 Series will borrow design cues.

Some of the new 2018 BMW i8 style tips i5 will find their way. Cars will also be considered for use in the US also hopes the release is expected to feature laser headlights. Inside sources claim may not use the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic car body shell reveals previously. Reports also suggest using i8 aluminum chassis and i3. Full details of the speculation as closely now, so it protected.

The time goes by and his first car approaches, however, we will have more accurate information. interior, top-line, we expect the car to be the norm with BMW models feature luxurious style. Such AS, i5 art technology ‘gadgets, infotainment systems, as well as, among others, will have a full security suite, premium leather upholstery and the state, but now we do not have any information on the inside of the vehicle.


2018 BMW i5

Engine Specs and Performance

speculation about the internet-drive power train has been abuzz 2018 BMW i5 sedan. Some of the hydrogen-powered talking about a plug-in hybrid engine on most of the others were for full electric platform. We now have a reliable BMW i5 sedan BMW 5 Series GT Concept showed last year we can confirm will have the eDrive technology.

“Autoblid”, according to a German magazine, BMW blog revealed 2018 BMW i5 probably plug-in hybrid eDrive technology with two electric motors, will be a front and a back with one 218 hp ICE to combine units feature. The rear one will be good to produce 272 hp front-engined 150 hp.

All engines combine to produce a grand total of 642 hp power output. Electric-only driving range of the vehicle is expected to be 78 miles. It will push the car to access the drive train speed of 0-60 mph in 5 seconds and will have a maximum speed of 155 mph.


Release date and price

the information is still too early to get an official vehicle price or release date. In fact, we believe that the car is still in the early stages of development as of this writing. New 2018 BMW i5 dealerships in the fourth quarter of 2017 or early 2018, is expected to make its debut.

The first so keep checking back for more information we will let you know the real price approaching. However, I believe that we have a starting price of $ 100,000 on the vehicle.

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