2017 Volvo V40 gets facelift and updates inside

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Volvo Cars presents the line 2017 his best-selling Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country – vehicles arriving with front facelift, and finishing updates throughout the range.

Volvo V40 2017

large central front presents new, highlighting the “Volvo Iron Mark” in the center. In addition, the model brings new new headlights ‘Hammer of Thor’ – already used in the flagship model Volvo 90

Volvo V40 2017

Volvo V40 is Volvo model more sold in Europe and the second best-selling model of the brand globally, becoming a very important car for the company.

Volvo V40 2017

exterior update includes the additions of five new colors to the V40 range, which are as follows: Blue Amazon; Blue Blue Jeans; Bursting blue; Blue Mussel Blue and Sand Luminous.

Volvo V40 2017

Volvo V40 2017 also receives the same range of versions of the XC90, totaling eight options, which include the R-Design V40 and V40 models Cross Country

Volvo V40 2017 - Interior.

Another novelty is the new steering wheel, which is the same adopted in the Volvo Concept Estate, plus new panel coverings, details in three different shades of aluminum

Volvo V40 2017 - Interior.

Moreover, for the first time an all-black interior will be offered as an option the V40.

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