2017 Volkswagen Golf AllTrack

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After the diesel Scandal, Volkswagen has carefully rethink its future Strategy on the AMERICAN Market. The Scandal has seen Sales of VW Products is declining. However, the Automaker has already set in Motion a Strategy to go all the Scandal and the Pursuit of its Objective, the largest car Manufacturer in the World. Volkswagen has invested $ 7 Billion in the north american Market to run until the Year 2019. This Investment aims at the financing of the Development, a VW SUV, a segment, VW has always failed. In addition to the SUV, VW also offer other new Products. One such Product is new 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack.

in Spite of VW Group sells more Models on the AMERICAN Market, its Audi, VW, Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini Brands, Subaru still has a larger market Share than VW. The car Manufacturer as such, we want to provide You with a range of new Crossovers, and the Car, in a targeted manner, for the Family, the Buyers, where Subaru largely works. The new Volkswagen Multivan is a Model of its kind, to take the Fight directly to Subaru Crosstrek and Outback Models. Read, for more information:

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2017 Volkswagen Golf AllTrack Exterior

The AllTrack is based on the sports car, and in Fact resembles the latter in many Fronts. But the AllTrack looks rather muscular than the standard of the sports car. It extends 0.6 inches longer and has a better ground clearance of 6.9 cm Compared to the car will sport a 5.5 Inch.

The AllTrack also features revised bumpers, a new honeycomb radiator Grille, flanked by modifications of Headlights, just like a strong matte look of the Aluminum of the Radiator Crossbar. The Vehicle also has a grey Plastic Coating on the bottom of the Skirt. VW has also hooked the Car with silver Mirrors and Roof bars. At the rear, on the other Hand, almost identical to the sports car. The completion of the exterior revamp is a Series of 17-Inch Aluminum Wheels.

all in all, the Alltrack looks better than the sports car, and most of all, he struck the Subaru Outback and Crosstrek provides a Factor that could help it wrest more Customers from the Grip of the Subaru in the north american Market.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf AllTrack Interior

Inside, the AllTrack is almost identical to the sports car. For a start, the Model is delivered with MIB-II-system of info-entertainment, it comes with a screen of 6.5 ” as a default for all trim levels. As for the Padding, the AllTrack to offer products of lower quality of the Trim and Leather on the upper part of trimming.

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The Model offers 94.3 cubic feet of Passenger Space, the standard of the sports car. However, tall Passengers will find the rear a little cramped. In regard to the loading space, the Model offers 30.4 cubic metres, which extends to 66.5 cubic metres, if the rear Seats folded down. Other standard features include heated front Seats and a Glove box chilled. More Trimmings adding a massive Panoramic Sunroof, a Fender premium audio system, a Navigation system, front Seats electric and automatic Headlights.

The Models also feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For Safety, the VW also offers the Model using a Navigation option Package, Functions autonomously, Brakes, blind spot monitoring, Parking aid system, a forward collision warning and rear cross traffic alert, among others.

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Engine Specs and Performance

– Well, a lot of Fans pointing the Finger at the “AllTrack” Lack of Compliments, make the Hike, with the addition of the off-road Potential. The Model is equipped with a Durable Turbo 1.8 L, 4-Cylinder Mill capable of 170 HORSEPOWER and 199lb-ft of Torque. The Automaker is quick to point out that the maximum Torque is only 1 600 Tr / min.

The Mill of Buddies on the Automakers DSG-Automatic Transmission-system. The new Model EPA rated at 22 mpg in the City and 30-mpg on the Highway and roll. It is less economical Compared to sports cars, because it’s 300 Pounds more. The system is controlled by Paddles on the steering wheel mounted on a Wheel. This is especially important when overtaking at high Speed on the Highways. A 6-Speed Manual transmission is also in the Offer.

against-off Streets, the Model comes with the Automaker in the 5th generation 4Motion all-wheel drive system as the default. He also sits 0.6-inches wider Compared to the standard of the sports car. In addition, VW has dropped the AllTrack with a Off-Road-trip-Mode, as well as a downhill feature. This has been made possible thanks to an update to the ABS system and Traction control, which have contributed to the Improvement of Your Grip in off-road Terrain. It also has a fender Liner on the four Corners.

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Price and release Date

VW has a competitive Price, the Golf AllTrack to change Buyers Away from Subaru. The Base S trim has a starting MSRP of $ 27,770 including transportation costs; approximately $ 1,300 more than the Subaru Outback. The top-of-the-range-SALT topping to seek as much as $ 33,710. The Models are available in Händlerausstellungsräumen from next Month (October 2016).

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