2017 Lamborghini Roadster Centenario

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2017 Lamborghini Roadster external Centenario

under the roof is almost identical to Centenario Roadster coupe. At the front of the Roadster has identical front panel which is as aggressive as that of the cut.

It has a ventilated hood and LED headlight strips that combine with other features to give the model an impressive design that impressed everyone, as the coupe early debuts at Geneva in. On the sides, the vehicle offers the same side and rear skirts reception. However, behind the glass of the car door was the top vent changed so that it is now integrated into the roll bars that protrude behind the seats.

At the rear of the vehicle is also equipped with almost identical cut. It has the same high spoiler and thin lamps, shaped LED rear arrow. The model has no roof, no storage space for the roof

2017 Lamborghini Roadster Centenario inside

with the exception of a slight change in color the cabin is identical with the Coupé. However, buyers have an option for a taxi to their liking (benefits that come with paying top dollar for your tractor) adapted to control. Thus, each model of the car will be different.

 2017 Lamborghini roadster Centenario NCI-8

Centenario Roadster offers all the height in the world. The lack of a retractable roof means that you do not remove your Centenario when time seems unpredictable. The cabin sleeps two passengers on its two seats, which are wrapped in light-brown Alcantara Terra di California. The seats feature Bianco Polar leather inserts. These can be adapted through the Ad Personam program builder.

The steering wheel, door panels, dashboard and pillars have Alcantara trim. Other surfaces are covered with carbon fiber euphemistic. Customers can choose another color contrast stitching, unlike the cup in contrasting yellow stitching. Other standard features on the Roadster include a 10.1-inch high definition touch, the driver can control the satellite navigation system of the model, and other telemetry aboard. The car also features Wi-Fi connectivity and the integration of smartphones, the various applications, including integrated Apple carplay

 2017 Lamborghini roadster Centenario NCI 1

and performance data engine

As the cut , Centenario Roadster is powered by a V-12 central naturally aspirated. The 6.5 L Monster pumping 759 horses. The motor adapted to a dual clutch transmission system 7 speed, which drives the rear wheels.

Despite the Model 110 pounds more than the coupe weighing, it still manages a 0-60 mph run in 2.9 seconds to go, only a tenth of a second slower than his sister Coupé. The Roadster can reach a top speed of 217 mph.

The model Lamborghini Trick Tri-Mode rear-wheel steering, suspension magneto rheological by car and automakers dynamic steering combine to improve the response Roadster. , Stopping power comes huge carbon-ceramic brakes, bringing the animal pi to a halt in 102

 2017 Lamborghini roadster Centenario NCI-4

Price and release date

only 20 Lamborghini product units in 2017 Lamborghini Roadster any Centenario as the Centenario Coupé. According to reports, all models have already sold means you seek exotic Top Drop elsewhere should. You can see the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante Zagato, which produces more units see (99).

As the dictation custom, the Roadster will be more expensive than the coupe. According to reports, the Roadster will go for about $ 2.3 million; For comparison, the coupe was $ 2.0 million.

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